Cinco de Mayo Printable Decorations for Your Party


Get the party started with these Cinco de Mayo Printable Decorations! This party pack of printable Cinco de Mayo party decorations will make your fiesta a little more festive. Simply print and cut the designs and pair them with your favorite margaritas for the easiest-ever party on May 5th.

Cinco de Mayo printable party decorations on a wall and food table.
These printable party decorations will make your Cinco de Mayo party a breeze.

Free Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations: Download Below

These printable Cinco de Mayo decorations are an easy way to set the mood for a fun and festive party. Pair them with a Jamaica Margarita for a cute and tasty get-together.

While hosting a Cinco de Mayo party may or may not be a tradition you celebrate every year, we wanted to offer some simple homemade decorations for you to use.

Cinco de Mayo party decorations don’t need to be purchased from a generic party store in order for your gathering to feel like a Mexican-inspired party.

Our Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas were inspired by traditional Mexican tile in celebration of the folk art style that we adore.

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In the United States, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are sometimes an excuse to go out for margaritas, but we think a respectful home celebration can also be fun and a little more authentic in feel.

We’ve created these free printable Cinco de Mayo decorations that are super easy to DIY at home. Just print, cut and hang or stick up around the house. You won’t have any trouble making DIY Cinco de Mayo decorations even if you’re not artsy.

Cinco de Mayo parties can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. We’ve made hosting easy with this printable set, which you can pair with balloons, streamers, and other decorations to get the party vibe you are looking for.

What’s Included in the Printable Party Kit

Printable party kit for Cinco de Mayo on a table next to a hole punch and white ribbon.
  • Celebrate Sign – This sign is perfect for hanging anywhere to encourage people to have fun and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  • Place cards – These printable place cards are foldable and can be used to let people know where to sit if you are using these at a dinner table or as food signs (or other signs) on your party table.
  • Cupcake picks – These cute printables make for awesome cupcake toppers.
  • Banners – This tile-inspired banner is perfect to hang along the walls or windows to give the room a more festive vibe! You can change the scale when printing to make different sizes.

Download the Free Printable

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Supplies Needed

You can download and print these free Cinco de Mayo printables by using the form above.

You will need some or all of these materials depending on which printable decoration you want to make:


Text: Celebra Cinco de Mayo sign on a table next to party food.

Celebrate Sign

For the ‘celebrate’ sign, print, cut, and hang it anywhere you want with tape.

I like to use painter’s tape, rolled with the sticky side out so it doesn’t damage wall paint. But use at your own risk, as you know what you’re working with best.

Place Cards

Printable food sign for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Print as many place cards as you need. Cut them out, fold each in half, and write names, food types, or any other relevant information. 

Cupcake Picks

Pink and white frosted cupcakes with printable cupcake picks for a Cinco de Mayo Party.

For the cupcake picks, print as many as you need for your cupcake display. Cut them out, attach them to a short skewer or pick with some tape, and insert them into cupcakes.

If you want them to look better from the back, you can use hot glue instead of the tape. Or try using clear Scotch tape instead (but never use this type of tape on your walls!).


A printable wall garland for a Cinco de Mayo party.

There are two available sizes for the banners. Choose which size you want to use and print out as many pages as you need.

You can also use the scale feature in the printer screen when printing to make it print out in other sizes. Cut out each piece.

Punch holes in the two top corners. String curling ribbon through, and attach the string to the wall with tape. 

TIP: You can hide the tape with a festive garland, a sign, etc., just so the guests won’t see them.

The fiesta/ party kit contains the materials you need to throw a festive party, but go ahead and customize them however you want!

Layer them over other paper party decorations, like a papel picado banner, enhance them with glitter, get as creative as you want.

More Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo should be all about honoring Mexican culture, and you can carry this throughout your Cinco de Mayo celebration in many ways!

  1. Whip up some traditional Mexican dishes: Prepare authentic Mexican cuisine to honor the flavors of Mexico. When looking for recipes online, make sure you are choosing a Latina/Latino food blogger.
  2. Learn about Mexican history and culture: Take the time to educate yourself and your guests about the significance of Cinco de Mayo. Share interesting facts about Mexican traditions, customs, and heritage.
  3. Create a festive ambiance: Decorate your space with vibrant colors like red, green, and white – the colors of the Mexican flag. If you have been to Mexico try to remember the colors from the landscape and the cacti you see (skip the cartoony cactus party decor, though). Incorporate colors from Mexican folk art or ceramics. It would take just a few minutes of research to put together a plan for your decorating that isn’t what you would typically find at Party City.
  4. Play Mexican music: Set the mood with lively Mariachi or traditional Mexican music playlists. Encourage your guests to dance and have fun while enjoying the festivities.
  5. Mix up margaritas: Since margaritas are a popular drink associated with Cinco de Mayo, why not make some delicious variations? Experiment with different flavors. Make a classic 3-Ingredient Margarita, Strawberry Lemonade Margarita, or jalapeño-infused margaritas.
  6. Support local Mexican businesses: If possible, order food from local Mexican restaurants or purchase ingredients from Mexican grocery stores to support the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What decorations are used for Cinco de Mayo?

There’s a lot! You can use brightly-colored tablecloths and napkins, real cacti, or bright flower arrangements (Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico).

Skip the sombreros and maracas and use colorful streamers and banners instead.

Which countries celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is mostly celebrated in the United States, but it has become more popular in Mexico in recent years.

In Mexico, it’s celebrated in the southern town of Puebla and some larger cities.

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