Frozen Ghostbusters Margarita Recipe with Homemade Ecto Cooler


This frozen Ghostbusters Margarita recipe with homemade ecto cooler is the perfect cocktail for drink aficionados and movie buffs! Inspired by the upcoming movie, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, this Ecto Cooler margarita is full of citrus flavor and has a fun ectoplasm rim. A glittery melting cotton candy garnish makes this tequila drink super fun to serve friends.

A margarita made with homemade ecto cooler for the Ghostbusters movie in a margarita glass.
Let’s make this easy Ghostbusters Margarita recipe!

You’ll Love This Ghostbusters Drink

This Ghostbusters-inspired margarita is ready in just minutes and lets you mix up a storm of flavor that’s as exhilarating as encountering your first ghost.

The homemade Ecto Cooler with Tampico adds a yummy flavor and tons of nostalgia to the drink. Don’t worry, you still get the kick of tequila, the tang of lime, and just the right amount of sweetness from the triple sec.

We made this a frozen margarita to keep it perfectly on theme with the new Ghostbusters movie, Frozen Empire. We’re big Ghostbusters fans!

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Served with a slimer-inspired rim and an Ice Age-worthy melting cotton candy garnish, this drink has a fun green color and is so fun to share. Who you gonna call? Sorry, I had to.

Whether you’re hosting a Ghostbusters movie marathon, gearing up for a Halloween bash (because this would work perfectly for that too!), or simply in the mood to jazz up your Friday night with something out of this realm, this cocktail is what you need.

This Ghostbusters margarita is frozen, fabulous, and so fitting for the film’s icy escapades. Total quintessential Ghostbusters vibes! Just drink it slowly so you don’t get a brain freeze that you need to vanquish like the Ghost Lord.


Ingredients needed to make a Ghostbusters margarita with homemade ecto cooler on a counter.
What you need to make a Ghostbusters Magarita with Ecto Cooler.

We followed this recipe for making homemade Ecto Cooler and just made a single serve portion keeping the right ratio. Tampico can be hard to find and we only found it in a huge jug. If you can’t find it near you, look for a blend of orange and tangerine flavors. There are many other homemade recipes online you can use instead if you need to.

And I think you can maybe use Sunny D Citrus Punch since it has some similar flavors.

We grabbed Mayenda Tequila which we love. The bottle is pretty and the flavor is really nice. It’s a premium tequila that is smooth and has lovely spice notes. We rate this blanco a 4 out of 5 on our tequila scale. But you can use your favorite brand or something you already have at home.

Triple Sec and Cointreau are the best orange liqueurs to use for pretty much any margarita. But, again, use what you already have.

Of course, you can skip the fun garnishes but they really do make this Ghostbusters drink a full on experience.

Be sure to scroll down to the printable recipe card for the full recipe and ingredient list.

How to Make an Ecto Cooler Margarita

Woman dipping the rim of a margarita glass in green slime candy on a small white plate.

Rim the Glass

This Ooze Tube candy is super easy to use. Just squeeze it onto a small white plate and then dip the edge of the glass into it. I like to do this part first since it’s a frozen margarita. You don’t want it sitting around once it’s blended. You want to get it into the glass so you can start sipping!

While this candy says it is apple flavor, you don’t really taste that as you sip this drink. If anything it adds a slight sweetness with each sip but does’t fight the citrus flavors in the rest of the recipe.

The apple flavor seems perfectly fitting, though, since the movie is set in the “big apple”, New York City.

Woman adding lemonade to a measuring cup.

Step 1

Add the Tampico punch and the lemonade to the jar of a blender. You’ve just made Ecto Cooler! How easy was that?

Woman adding tequila to a blender.

Step 2

Add the tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice to the jar of the blender.

Adding a drop of green food color to a blender with liquid in it.

Step 3

Add one drop of green food coloring. This gives this margarita that perfect Slimer green.

A blender holding a green liquid and ice.

Step 4

Add ice and blend until slushy with no large ice chunks left.

Woman pouring a frozen green Ghostbusters margarita into a margarita glass.

Step 5

Pour into the slimed margarita glass.

A margarita glass on a table holding a green frozen margarita inspired by the new Ghostbusters movie with a blue melting garnish.

Step 6

Add the cotton candy garnish. As the cotton candy hits the liquid it starts to dissolve, spilling out blue glitter. It couldn’t be more perfect for Frozen Empire!

But it does dissolve immediately so you’ll want to add this as you hand this drink to whoever you are serving it to. It’s so cool! Pun absolutely intended.

The key with this margarita is to have fun with it, use your imagination, and remember that the best cocktails are those that bring a smile to your face – and trust us, these Ghostbusters margaritas will do just that.


  • When creating the slime rim, try chilling the glasses first. A cold glass will help the candy set faster and drip with more control. Plus, a chilled glass keeps your margarita cooler for longer, and who doesn’t love a frosty drink?
  • Frozen margaritas can sometimes taste a little watered down. Consider making Ecto Cooler ice cubes. Just make a larger batch of homemade Ecto Cooler, add the green food coloring then freeze. Not only will your margarita not be watered down, but it will actually get more flavorful.
  • Not sure what tools to use? Check out our essential margarita tools.


  • Want to serve this on the rocks instead? You totally can! Just make the drink in a cocktail shaker then strain over fresh ice instead of blending in the blender.
  • Can’t find the cotton candy glitter bombs? Just sprinkle in some edible glitter to add a supernatural sparkle.
  • Looking for a non-alcoholic version for the younger Ghostbusters fans, simply skip the tequila and triple sec. Replace them with a combination of sparkling water and a touch more lime juice. Or try a zero-proof tequila.
  • For a smokier twist, swap out the regular tequila for mezcal. The smokiness of mezcal would go really well with the citrus flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they still sell Ecto Cooler?

We could not find any. Ecto Cooler was made by Hi-C but looks like it might have been discontinued. A close alternative may also be Juicy Juice Orange Tangerine if you can find that in a local store.

How can I make the Ecto Cooler without Tampico juice?

No Tampico? No problem! You can still whip up a batch of homemade Ecto Cooler using orange juice as a base. Simply mix equal parts orange juice and lemonade, then stir in a few drops of blue food coloring until you achieve that perfect ghostly green hue. The result is a sweet, tart, and totally Ghostbusters-worthy Ecto Cooler that serves as the backbone of your margarita. It’s all about improvisation and making the recipe your own.

Can you make Ecto Cooler taste more fresh?

If you like your cocktails to be made with the freshest ingredients possible, you can try to make Ecto Cooler with fresh juices. Use tangerine, orange and lemon then mix with a little simple syrup. Taste and adjust before using in the margarita.

About Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

The latest installment in the Ghostbusters saga, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, promises to be a chilling adventure just like our margarita. The team must face off against an icy specter that has thrown New York into a deep freeze. The movie blends action, comedy, and that unmistakable Ghostbusters charm.

A green Ghostbusters margarita in a margarita glass with a green slime candy rim and blue melting garnish.

Ghostbusters Margarita

This Ghostbusters Margarita recipe with homemade ecto cooler is a fun cocktail inspired by the upcoming movie, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire. This Ecto Cooler drink with alcohol is full of citrus flavor, has a fun ectoplasm rim and a glittery melting cotton candy garnish.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 cocktail
Calories 240 kcal


  • 1 Blender


Rim the Glass

  • Squeeze some Ooze Tube candy onto a small plate.
  • Dip the rim of the margarita glass into the candy letting it drip down the sides.

Make the Margarita

  • Add the Tampico, lemonade, tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice and drop of green food coloring to the jar of a blender.
  • Add ice and blend until slushy and there are no big ice chunks left.
  • Pour into a margarita glass. Serve immediately.
  • Garnish with the cotton candy glitter bomb once you are ready to drink. It dissolves immediately!


*The nutrition facts are off since the software doesn’t have information on Tampico, but you get the idea. 
When creating the slime rim, try chilling the glasses first. A cold glass will help the candy set faster and drip with more control. Plus, a chilled glass keeps your margarita cooler for longer, and who doesn’t love a frosty drink?
Frozen margaritas can sometimes taste a little watered down due. Consider freezing some Ecto Cooler into ice cubes to use instead of regular ice. This will change the flavor considerably and would still be delicious. 


Serving: 1drinkCalories: 240kcalCarbohydrates: 15gProtein: 0.3gFat: 0.2gSaturated Fat: 0.1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.03gSodium: 4mgPotassium: 76mgFiber: 1gSugar: 13gVitamin A: 68IUVitamin C: 15mgCalcium: 13mgIron: 0.3mg
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