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Is the Golden Rule Margarita one of the best-premade margaritas on the market? Golden Rule Destination Cocktails aims to please with its top-shelf canned drinks, including its take on the classic margarita. The tiny cans make for fantastic on-the-go sippers. Read on for our Golden Rule Margarita review!

A can of Golden Rule Margarita Original nestled on a bowl of fresh limes.
Check out our review of the Golden Rule Margarita Original. 

We Tried the Canned Golden Rule Margarita

The Golden Rule Margarita is one of the most recognized canned cocktails. It’s tiny, well-designed, and pretty teal in color. While we’re avid fans of homemade margaritas, we do like exploring store-bought margaritas just to see if they hold up. 

We believe that the best margarita is the one you can make at home, but there’s no denying the convenience that canned cocktails offer, especially when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, not all canned margaritas offer consumers a good sipping experience – be it because they lack flavor or are way overpriced.  

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So, we made it our mission to explore ready-to-drink cocktails that are widely available at stores. That way, we can help you find amazing, tasty, and decently-priced margaritas. We want to help you get your money’s worth and find an enjoyable drink! 

OUR QUALIFICATIONS: Sharon has been writing about and creating cocktail recipes for almost 10 years now. Together, Suzy and Sharon have an immense love of tequila and margaritas and have tasted SO many. We aren’t mixologists but feel like we bring the experience of different palates with the common goal of finding delicious products to share with you.

Golden Rule Spirits Info

San Francisco-based Golden Rule Spirits was founded by cousins Hunter Sprole and James Mauk. When they started Golden Rule Spirits, they aimed to capture the feeling of blending delicious cocktails with the experience of sharing them with great people.

They’re well-known for offering top-shelf, bar-strength (strong!) cocktails in small cans of 100ml each. This way, their products are easy to share with friends and can be carried anywhere. They offer cocktail enthusiasts “an authentic cocktail experience wherever life might take you.”

Golden Rule offers original margaritas, an Old Fashioned (straight bourbon), an Espresso Martini, and a Tequila Paloma. We only tried the margarita for the purpose of this review. 

Note that in all our reviews of canned margaritas, we don’t delve too much into the people and companies that make them. We’ll only provide you with basic info about them. Feel free to read more about the Golden Rule Spirits on their website

About Golden Rule Margarita Original

A hand holding an opened can of Golden Rule Margarita Original.


If you order from their website, each pack of Golden Rule Margarita Original containing 4-100 ml cans will cost you $20.00. Other online stores sell it for more (around $22.00-$24.00) or less ($18.99) than this amount. 

Compared to other canned margaritas, this might be a tad expensive. Another brand with around 27% ABV costs $17.96 for a 4-pack of 100 ml cans. Meanwhile, other canned margaritas with less alcohol content can cost $9.99 to $14.99 for a four-pack, in sizes at least three times the size of Golden Rule Margarita.


The product page of Golden Rule Margarita states that it uses 100% agave blanco tequila, natural lime juice, and proprietary triple sec when making their margaritas. This information is also written on the drink cans.  


Golden Rule only makes the classic version of margaritas and currently doesn’t offer any flavored margaritas. 

Alcohol Content

Alcohol-wise, this margarita has a lot of it. Golden Rule states that they make their margaritas “to the proper strength,” which means having 27% alcohol for each tiny 100 ml can. 

For reference, a typical margarita has an ABV of only 18-25%. It’s quite strong, so watch out. And because they are small, you may think you can drink more of them but I would not recommend that.

Packaging and Presentation

First, we love the quote on the can: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” by George Bernard Shaw. It’s very true! This is one reason why we love creating new margarita recipes and sharing them with everyone.

The can says “destination cocktails,” and the company encourages you to bring their easy-to-pack cans with you wherever life may take you. This makes this small canned margarita convenient to carry anywhere or serve at parties, so you won’t have to do any mixing.

We also think the packaging is cute, and the solid aqua-blue hue of the cans is very eye-catching! 


The brand recommends serving the Golden Rule Margarita can chilled or poured over ice. Make sure to shake well before serving. However, 100 ml per can is a pretty small serving, especially if you’re used to making your own margaritas at home where you can easily make more. 

Tasting Notes

A woman opening a small can of Golden Rule Margarita Original.

We were pretty impressed with this one! You can really taste the strong agave flavor that this margarita has. Suzy liked it since it’s sweetish and pretty refreshing.

Other reviews say the taste is comparable to what they make at home, but I didn’t get that impression. I think an additional squeeze of fresh lime would balance out the tequila flavors since it lacks some acidity and tartness.

Nonetheless, it’s a solid canned margarita, especially for those who don’t have time to mix their own or want something super convenient to take somewhere with them. With a few adjustments, it can become comparable to homemade margaritas.   

Where to Buy

You can order the Golden Rule Margarita from their online store and other online liquor shops. Note that if you order from their website, delivery may take 1-2 weeks. 

Overall Rating and Conclusion

On a margarita review scale of 1 to 5, we give Golden Rule Margarita a 4, making it one of the higher-rated premade margs we’ve tried. 

It has a great agave flavor, is super refreshing, and the on-the-go packaging is pretty. But it needs a bit more acidity to be as delicious as homemade margaritas. It doesn’t have a high alcoholic content so you should feel like you are getting more for your money even though the can is small.

Overall the Golden Rule Canned Margarita provides a fun drinking experience.

Have you tasted this canned margarita? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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