The Best Tequila Tasting Glasses


Having the best tequila tasting glasses on hand will enhance your tequila-tasting experience at home. The right glassware will help you taste the best features of this particular liquor. They look great on your bar, help to learn more about tequila and make a great gift for fellow tequila lovers.

Two crystal clear tequila flutes on a table.
We think these are the best tequila sipping glasses.

Why Use a Tequila Tasting Glass?

A tequila-tasting glass is designed to help you notice the aromas of the tequila. The alcohol smell can be overpowering but the shape of these glasses helps to guide you to the unique notes of each tequila you sip.

As margarita lovers, we always have tequila on our bar. After all, it’s a major part of our favorite classic margarita recipe.

Fortunately, tequilas can be sipped on their own as well. This is perfect for days when you’re not in the mood to make a margarita and just want to easily pour a shot or savor it slowly.

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But what most casual sippers may not know is that not all glassware is created equal! Unlike delicious margaritas, which you can sip using whatever margarita glass (or any cocktail glass) you have around, the experience of drinking tequila and mezcal can be amplified with the right one. 

Whether you’re drinking tequila blanco, reposado, or anejo (or even extra anjeo – the most popular for sipping), a good way to unlock their full potential is to sip them using tequila glasses. This will let you savor:

  • The full aroma that tequila offers (such as notes of caramel or vanilla and hints of flavor like citrus and spices that it has);
  • The taste and finish of tequila
  • The color and body of tequila, which the right glass can display in full detail.

What You Should Look for in Tequila Drinking Glasses

Two pieces of crystal clear tequila flutes.

When looking for tequila tasting glasses, consider the following factors to be able to pick the right one for you.


Various glasses have different-sized bowls. Those with lengthier bowls allow the unique aromas of tequila to rise to the nose and be savored by the drinker. This way, the sweet notes of the drink will be highlighted while any harshness in the drink will be deemphasized, allowing for a more pleasant experience.  


Choosing to get glasses with or without stems will depend on how you drink your tequila. 

Typically, tequilas are best enjoyed at room temperature. But if you’re fond of drinking on the rocks, a stemless glass is a good choice since the ice keeps the drink cool while also diluting it a bit as the ice melts.

If you’re fond of sipping or tequila tasting at home, it’s best to get the one with stems. This way, you won’t end up heating the tequila since you’re holding the glass by the stem, not the body.  


Glasses with thin rims are excellent for tequila tasting. This way, the drink doesn’t roll onto the tongue, which may enhance any harshness it has.  

Types of Tequila Sipping Glasses

Below are the best glasses for sipping tequila you can choose from:

Copitas (Tequila or Mezcal Glasses)

These are the most traditional glasses to use to enjoy tequila. 

Copita (“little glass” in Spanish) are glasses with a narrow base, an expansive middle, and a wide mouth. The features allow you to technically stick your nose into the glass, allowing you to savor tequila’s delightful aromas. They’re perfect for sipping premium tequila. 

Riedel Tequila Glass

Riedel, a wine glass company, offers their own special tequila glasses. These glasses are designed to enhance the pleasure of drinking spirits, with a design meant to highlight the flavor and aroma of tequila.  

The Rocks Glass/Old Fashioned Glass

Although primarily designed as whiskey glasses, they can also be used as tequila glasses. They’re very versatile in that you can enjoy tequila in a variety of ways (e.g., with ice, in a cocktail, neat, etc.) while using them.  

Shot Glass

Perhaps one of the most famous glasses to drink tequilas from is a shot glass. They typically hold less than 2 ounces and many people drink all the tequila in one go. Because of this, you won’t have time to savor the flavors and aroma of the drink.  

Tequila Flutes

Two pieces of crystal clear tequila flutes and a Don Julio Tequila Blanco.

Hands down, these cordial glasses made from high-quality crystal are our favorite to use during tequila tastings. 

The elegant design is perfect for entertaining guests, and enhances the visual appeal of the drinks you serve—be it tequila, whiskey or even something like Amaretto. Crystal glasses are meant to bring out the full aroma and body of the liquor, which can help sippers get a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience from their drink. 

These cocktail glasses are also very durable, which is excellent for hosting parties and serving drinks to family and friends. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth!  


How to Choose the Right Tequila Tasting Glass

  • If you like diving into the aroma of tequila, pick a glass with a tulip design or a Glencairn glass. This will allow you to appreciate the nuances of the tequila fully.
  • Go for clear or crystal glass to see and appreciate the tequila’s color and clarity, and use opaque or colored glasses for another occasion.
  • Apart from the shape and material, you’ll want a glass with the perfect weight and balance. This can vary for everyone, but the golden rule is that the glass must be comfortable to hold and allow you to easily swirl the tequila.
  • Size also matters. A good tequila-tasting glass should hold 1.5 to 2 ounces of tequila. The cordial glasses we love hold 8 ounces of liquid but the added space allows the tequila to breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the proper way to taste tequila?

The two most important steps in tasting tequila correctly are sniffing and tasting.

When smelling tequila, make sure to turn the glass to its side so it gets close to the rim. Put the lower rim close to your nose (almost touching it) and do little sniffs. Tequila is very strong, so inhaling deeply is not a good idea. When you’re done, move your nose to the middle area of the glass and sniff again. Here, you will most likely smell the citrusy or fruity notes.

To taste the tequila properly, you must inhale first before taking your first sip. When the tequila is in your mouth, inhale again through the nose and then swirl the tequila around the mouth and over the tongue. Then, swallow and exhale deeply, and you’ll be able to taste the complexities of tequila better this way and appreciate its finish.

How to drink tequila neat?

When you say you want to drink tequila neat, it means that you want to drink it in a glass poured straight from a bottle while it’s at room temperature. It doesn’t involve any other methods or ingredients; it’s just drinking tequila as is.    

Should you sip or shoot tequila?

Tequila, especially the premium ones, are meant to be sipped and savored as this shows respect for the craftsmanship behind making it. Experts advise sipping it neat and slowly or mixing it in cocktails or other drinks. However, if you want that instant alcohol burn, go ahead and take a shot!

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