Marvel Margarita Tasters


Our Marvel Margarita tasters are the perfect-sized mini-margaritas that are just in time for the newest superhero flick, Deadpool & Wolverine. These movie-inspired concoctions make the perfect pair to sip as you lounge and enjoy the movie with loved ones! Try delicious tasters of a Deadpool margarita and a Wolverine margarita inspired by the characters.

Small glasses of yellow Wolverine margarita and red Deadpool margarita on top of a white plate on a marbled countertop.
Let’s make these Marvel margarita tasters!

Why You’ll Love These Marvel Margarita Tasters

These Marvel margaritas are perfect for movie fans, comic book lovers and fans of delicious margarita recipes.

We used our favorite classic margarita recipe as a base and created these inspired flavors. We think they’re pretty delicious and super fun to serve, thanks to their bold colors. Here are other reasons why you will adore these taster-sized drinks:

  • Simply put, they are so delicious!
    • Deadpool margarita adds gin, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice to the classic margarita recipe, giving it an enjoyable citrus boost with some bitter notes from the gin.
    • Wolverine margarita gives a whisky and pineapple-flavored boost to the margarita, adding depth and complexity to an already enjoyable drink.
  • The colors of the margaritas are reminiscent of their combat suits (red for Deadpool, yellow for Wolverine) — how’s that for movie-inspired?
  • No need to travel to Disneyland or any theme park to enjoy these drinks, as you can create them at home in as little as 10 minutes!
  • They’re perfectly on theme and they’re eye-catching, which is perfect if you also like hosting parties at home.

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Like Deadpool and Wolverine, these drinks are perfect for any occasion. They’re especially perfect when hosting a movie-inspired party or a movie night with friends. Give this margarita flight a try and celebrate some of your favorite Marvel characters.

How to Make Taster Sized Margaritas

To make a half-serving of Deadpool and Wolverine margaritas, you will need to adjust the original recipes.

For the half-serving of the Deadpool Margarita, we used .5 ounces of gin (we used Aviation Gin because of Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool), tequila (we used Patron Silver since characters can be seen drinking it in the film), and triple sec. We also used 1 ounce of cranberry juice, .75 ounces of grapefruit juice, and a half ounce of lime juice.

Check out the Deadpool Margarita post for the full serving size.

To make a half-serving of the Wolverine margarita, we used .5 ounces of every ingredient which includes: whisky (we used Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky), tequila (we also used Patron Silver for this to keep up with the movie theme), triple sec, lime juice and pineapple juice.

Check out the Wolverine Margarita post for the full serving.

As always, you can swap the brands we used with those you prefer or already have in your bar. 

How to Make Marvel Margarita Tasters

Whether you’re making the Wolverine or Deadpool margs, you’ll follow these basic directions.

Rim the Glass

Using a lime wedge, moisten the rims of two taster-sized glasses

Then, place some margarita salt on a plate. Dip the moistened edge of each glass into the salt until they’re covered, then set aside as we work on the beverage. 

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A person about to pour some Patron Silver tequila into a jigger on top of a cocktail shaker.

Step 1

Add all of the ingredients for making the margarita to a cocktail shaker.

Step 2

Add ice and shake vigorously for several seconds to combine all the ingredients.

A person pouring a reddish Deadpool margarita into a taster-sized glass on top of a counter.
A person pouring Wolverine Margarita into a small salted-rim glass.

Step 3

Strain the margarita into one of the glasses with a salt rim.


Garnish the recipe with a piece of any ingredient or flavor from the drink. It can be anything from a slice of lime, or pineapple. Or even a colorful candy to give a nod to movie-watching and to play up the colors of the drinks.


  • If you like your Marvel margarita tasters to taste a bit sweeter, we recommend adding a touch of agave or simple syrup.
  • If you would like the colors of the drink to pop out a bit more, you can add some red or yellow food coloring, or in Deadpool margarita’s case, grenadine.
  • Since we’re not serving these drinks on the rocks, chilling your glasses in the fridge for a bit before using them can help your margaritas stay cooler longer.
  • A fan of spicy drinks? Before adding other ingredients, you can muddle a few habanero or jalapeno peppers in the cocktail shaker. 
  • Use zero-proof or non-alcoholic versions of the spirits if you want to serve Marvel Margarita Mocktails instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make margarita tasters?

Margarita tasters are a great way to sample different variations of margaritas so people can compare and contrast each taster’s flavors, sweetness, and strength. It’s a fun and interactive way to discover new recipes and a great excuse to gather friends and family for a tasting party!

Why would you make a smaller version of a margarita?

Making a smaller margarita means that you can enjoy a few different flavors without drinking more than you should. These are especially great because if you are a Marvel fan, you will likely want to experience both recipes.

What do I serve margarita tasters in?

If you’re having a margarita-tasting party and want to serve mini servings you can serve them in just about any glass. This smaller size likely won’t fill a traditional margarita glass. Any other small glass will work.

A person placing a watermelon slice on the side of a red Deadpool margarita beside a yellow Wolverine margarita on a plate.

We hope you’ll enjoy making these delicious Marvel margarita tasters! Having them in hand will make watching Deadpool & Wolverine (or any other Marvel movie) way more exciting and enjoyable. Have fun sipping! 

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