Don Julio Blanco Tequila Review 


For this Don Julio Blanco Tequila review, we will see what this silver tequila has to offer casual cocktail enthusiasts and margarita lovers alike. It’s a well-known brand that’s commercially available in most places, making it easily accessible. But does it meet your drinking needs? Let’s find out.  

A bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila alongside a stemless margarita glass on a marble counter.
Read more about our Don Julio Blanco Tequila review. 

We Tried the Don Julio Blanco Tequila

With this Don Julio Tequila Blanco review, we hope to help you find a good brand of tequila that fits your sipping needs without depleting your budget.  

The bottle is memorable, and it’s an easy-to-find tequila at most markets. We’re always on the hunt for the brands that feel accessible and aim to guide you on what bottles will give you the most bang for your buck. Don Julio is an iconic name in the tequila game so it was a bottle we had to review.

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There are many tequila brands and types on the market, which can be overwhelming. The type of tequila you use can spell the difference between a fantastic margarita and an unforgettable one. That’s why in this post, we want to give our honest answer to the question, “Is Don Julio good tequila?”

The short answer is yes, Don Julio is a solid tequila. Is it our favorite, no. But does it provide an enjoyable margarita experience, that’s the question.

OUR QUALIFICATIONS: Sharon has been writing about and creating cocktail recipes for almost 10 years now. Together, Suzy and Sharon have an immense love of tequila and margaritas and have tasted SO many. We aren’t mixologists but feel like we bring the experience of different palates with the common goal of finding delicious products to share with you.

Don Julio Company Info

Don Julio’s story began in the 1940s when he started his first tequila distillery, La Primavera, in Atotonilco in the Jalisco Highlands. He thought of his agave crops as his children and wanted to make the world’s best tequila using them.   

Generations of jimador families worked with Don Julio planting, farming, and harvesting the agave plants used in his tequilas.

In addition to the Blanco, they also sell Tequila Reposado, Añejo, 70 Cristalino, Primavera, 1942, and Ultima Reserva

In 2015, Don Julio became part of the British-based alcoholic beverage company Diageo. The company continues Don Julio’s tradition of using the highest-caliber blue agave harvested from the Los Altos region to craft its tequila.   

Note: In our reviews, we don’t delve deep into the company that makes the drinks. We just want to tell you the basics. Aside from their website, you can also read more about Don Julio on Diageo’s website if you want to learn more about the company and its other products. 

About Don Julio Blanco Tequila

Bluish decanter of Don Julio tequila blanco with a wooden top beside a stemless margarita glass on a counter.


The price for Don Julio Tequila (a 750 ml bottle) varies depending on the store. Some sell it for about $45.99, while others charge as high as $62. Given this, the average price may be about $50 a bottle. 

It’s not a premium tequila, so this is a little overpriced in our opinion. For reference, you can technically get other silver tequilas for about $20 to $30 per 750 ml bottle, that we like better for a variety of reasons, at half the price.


On their website, Don Julio Blanco says they use “100% Blue Weber Agave,” and is pure, unaged, and double-distilled. This means they’re using premium-quality ingredients for their tequila.   

We’re not sure if all of their tequila are considered premium or just a few varieties. We know that Don Julio 1942 is highly regarded and said to be among the most purchased. But 1942 is an anejo and not a blanco as we are reviewing here.


When we tested the tequila, we tasted hints of citrus. We also detected earthy and light floral notes, which we found very pleasant.   

Alcohol Content

This tequila has 40% alcohol per volume, so you get an outstanding balance of flavor and strength per sip.  

Packaging and Presentation

We find Don Julio Tequila Blanco’s bottle very pretty. Its clean, simple aesthetics showcase its tequila content well. Sharon notes that the bottle looks good on a bar cart and while the bottle shape is unique, it doesn’t make it super difficult to store.


Suzy notes that it’s a good tequila for margaritas. Don Julio Blanco is what we used to share our go-to classic margarita recipe. We love how it gives margaritas a classic, tequila-forward flavor that’s not too overbearing. It makes for an awesome mixer, too!  

Outside of margaritas, it’s excellent for tequila and soda or on the rocks. We just had some shots with this the other night (shaken with a bit of ice to chill), and they were really nice!

Tasting Notes

A bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila in between two tall flute glasses and a wooden cork on a counter.
A hand opening a bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila right beside two flute glasses on a marble countertop.

We detected some sweetness and light floral and vegetal notes in this tequila, and the agave flavor is incredible. It’s clean, pleasantly smooth, and mellow, plus it doesn’t burn as it goes down. It’s definitely drinkable. 

It also has nice tequila smells, which we like. Some may experience a slight burn. While we think the flavor is smooth, if you don’t love tequila it might not be the smoothes available.

I wouldn’t hesitate to grab this bottle to make any tequila cocktails or margaritas.

We used these tequila-tasting glasses. We use them for most of our tequila reviews since they help to enjoy the sip and uncover the specific aromas. You can ready our full review of the tequila tasting glasses.

Overall Rating and Conclusion

On our margarita review scale of 1 to 5, we give this tequila an overall rating of 3. It’s a good traditional tequila to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in margaritas. However, its price tag is hefty and there are other great tequilas that are less expensive that we think make a lot of sense. We like using it, it was nice for a shot so if it was a little less expensive, this tequila would easily score higher than 3.  

Have you tasted this tequila blanco? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Where to Buy

You can order Don Julio Blanco Tequila on Amazon, on the Don Julio online store (or check their store locator) or at most grocery and liquor stores.

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